it’s that time of year again…

…for the premiere of American Idol, obviously. Season 8 premieres tonight, and I’m excited just for the fact that it’s something new and non-football related to watch. Sure, I’ll probably have Idol burnout in a few weeks, but the addition of a fourth judge and the end of the Nigel Lythgoe-produced era give me hope that I won’t have to watch two hours of people who probably shouldn’t have been let out of the house butchering Carrie Underwood songs.

I know many people, especially those in the entertainment industry, are quick to criticize American Idol, but I’m always fascinated by how quickly these unknown contestants are thrust to the forefront of pop culture. We go from not knowing their names to knowing their criminal records in less than a month.

(Side note: Season 8? Seriously? I can’t believe it’s been eight years since I first watched an episode of Idol.)

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