adventures in insomnia.

I’m determined to get myself to sleep through the night, so yesterday I downloaded a relaxation Podcast. I usually listen to low-key music on my iPod while I’m in bed, but lately, John Mayer just hasn’t been doing it for me.

I probably should have realized the title of the Podcast is “Relaxing Stream,” so I can’t blame anyone but myself. I press play and the sound of running water fills my ears. I immediately know there will be no relaxation going on in my body with the sound of water coming out of my headphones. It never fails; the sound of running water always makes me feel like I have to use the bathroom, and that feeling is anything but relaxing.

I try to ignore the water as soothing music starts playing. This is nice, I think, pulling my covers up over my head. As I listen to the music, it sounds very familiar to me. It takes me a while, but I realize it sounds like the music my salon plays in the background of the waxing rooms. So here I am, lying in bed trying to relax, and the music I’m listening to reminds me of hot wax being applied to my eyebrows and then being viciously ripped off.

I defeatedly stop the Podcast and scrolled through my iPod library to find Continuum, hoping John could do better.

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