rant and rave of the day 2/11/09

(It’s back! But don’t guarantee it’s going to become a daily feature…)

Rant: The germs that are running rampant on campus. People are literally dropping like flies with the flu, bronchitis, mono, strep, or sometimes with a nice grab bag of illnesses. I got a flu shot like a good girl back in October, but as last February’s post-flu shot bout with the flu proved, vaccines aren’t always effective. Now, pass the Purell and cover your mouth when you cough.

Rave: String cheese. I bought this delectable dairy snack on a whim last month, and now I need a constant supply of it in the fridge or else I get nervous. I also need to protect it from my friends, who are very generous in helping themselves to my cheese. (Just kidding, guys…you know I love to share.) My new favorite snack really does nothing to help my “5 Weeks Until Bikini Body” lifestyle that I’m trying so hard to adhere to, but I could sit there and pull string cheese apart all day long.

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