grunting is not acceptable in the library.

I spent a fair amount of time in the library this morning, working on my World Religions term paper (which is due the Tuesday after Spring Break, but that’s a rant for another time.) When it comes to spending time in there studying, I’m a creature of habit. Our library offers tons of striking views of the Hudson River and campus, but those spots are way too distracting for me. I choose to sit in the ground floor in the back of the building, in a study desk right next to the electrical closet. I’ve sat there during every library trip since sophomore year, and I don’t plan on moving my study spot in the next 80-something days before graduation.

That was until I met the person I will now refer to as Grunting Anime Guy (GAG for short.) I first encountered him last week when I was going to my usual spot to work on my paper. He seemed harmless enough; laptop, headphones, notebook, etc. It wasn’t until about an hour into my work session that I heard the grunting and the humming. There was no one else around so I knew he was the culprit. His guttural sounds are eventually replaced by laughter and occasional shouts of “Stop that! Oh no!”

At first, I thought he might have been on the phone, one of my biggest library pet peeves, but as I peered around my desk to see him, I saw an anime cartoon fill his computer screen. I admit I know nothing about anime except that it’s some sort of glorified cartoon from Japan, but I’m sure there’s a time and place for it outside of the library on a Saturday morning. I tried to drown out GAG with my iPod, but that led to even more distraction. I packed up my things and left, shooting GAG a dirty look on the way out, but he was too enraptured with his cartoons to notice.

After an envigorating trip to the gym this morning, (14 days to bikini body!) I went to the library. Who do I spy as I turn the corner to the back part of the library? GAG, his setup now featuring colored pencils and a sketch book. My immediate instinct is to leave and sit somewhere else, but I refuse to let GAG ruin my time at the library. I busy myself with my reading and note-taking, but about an hour into my work, I hear the sound of a pencil being sharpened. It’s actually many pencils being sharpened, because the sound continues for what seems like 10 minutes.  GAG kept the grunting and exclamatory statements to a minimum today, but was a nuisance nonetheless. I could only stay for two hours, and I made sure to drop another unnoticed dirty look on my way out.

I’m sure GAG is a perfectly nice person, albeit one with questionable choice in TV shows, but he really needs to learn that the library is a place for quiet work, not giddy reactions to Pokemon.

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