hannah montana has taken over the world. and my blog, apparently.

I occasionally check my blog stats to see how many views it gets every day, just out of curiosity. I realize my blog has a very small audience outside of my friends and family, (hi Mom!) but it’s nice to know strangers sometimes click their way onto my ramblings.

I couldn’t help but notice that my top post, the one that has gotten the most views, is my post about the “Hoedown Throwdown,” from Hannah Montana the Movie. This post has gotten 123 views, which means 18 percent of the total views my blog has received since its start back in January.

So apparently no one cares to read my comments on pop culture or my musings on the goings-on in my life. Nope, they would rather watch a YouTube video about Miley Cyrus in a blonde wig. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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