a touching tribute from blink 182.

I attended the blink 182 concert last night at the Comcast Theatre. Overall, the show was great, but blink’s set took a somber turn about 4 songs in, when Mark Hoppus stopped to acknowledge the death of the band’s friend, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein. Hoppus openly cried as he spoke to the crowd, and asked the crowd to have a moment of silence in Goldstein’s honor. The YouTube video above does show that some people misunderstood “silence” to mean “shout obnoxiously as loud as you can,” but 95% of the crowd kept their mouths shut and paid their respects. It was eerie to hear all of the people in the sold-out pavilion and the jam-packed lawn seating fall silent, some holding up lighters or cell phones to mark the moment.

The monitors on stage showed Hoppus and Tom DeLonge crying throughout the next song, and Travis Barker was openly distraught, putting his head in his hands before the song was over. It took a while for the dark mood that settled over the show to go away, but DeLonge acknowledged that music is what helps them cope with the terrible stuff that happens in life, and tonight was a testament to that fact.

For more on blink’s tribute, check out People‘s article here.

YouTube video courtesy of user madheadsTV.

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