yes, please

blink 182.


Fall Out Boy.

Please come to Connecticut.

when a gossip girl met a hollaback boy

Who knew Blair Waldorf could sing? This song makes me really excited for Cobra Starship’s new CD, due out in October.

of course.


On Sunday, I went into the city with a bunch of people for the Yankees/Angels game. I was really excited because it was my first Yankees game, as well as my first MLB game, plus I got to see the new stadium. It was overcast as we left Poughkeepsie, but as our train got farther south, it started to rain, and when we arrived in Harlem, it was pouring. The game was called an hour after its scheduled start time. I was disappointed, but I still got to see the stadium, and I still get to see another game within a year since ours was rained out.